Routine Activities

Contact Improvisation Classes

Weekly Contact Improvisation classes, suitable to all levels. At the end of the class there is a contact jam.

Yoga and Partner-Yoga classes

3 different yoga classes weekly.

Tibetan Meditation

Guided Tibetan meditation every Thursday evening

Community Building Activities

Community meetings, sharing circles and various communication and honesty workshops to deepen relationships and resolve conflicts in the community.

Special Activities

Swap Markets

Swap markets!
Every 2 month we’re having a swap (give and take) market, where people bring cloths, shoes, thing for the house, books, and take whatever they want.

Contact Weekends and Camps

Contact dance camps!
We’re having two 10-days Contact Improvisation camps every year, one in April and one in October. And every 2-3 months we’re having a mini camp of one weekend. For more information about the weekends and camps, click on the photo.

Ongoing Projects

The Mud House

The Mud House, also called The Bale House, is a 108 meter square structure with mud walls and a soft dancing floor. It was an old chicken coop, and since 2011 it is being built with friends and other volunteers. We used straw-bales to create the walls, and covered them with mud plaster. We created a new structure for the roof, so we could take out the poles that were in the middle of the structure. And slowly slowly, it becomes what it is today – a place for dance, yoga, meditation, lectures and parties! It is always evolving alongside Shdemama.

The Food Forest

A food forest is a planned forest, designed by the intelligence of nature, where we plant variety of trees, shrubs and plants that we can benefit from. It is designed using permaculture methods to create a healthy, ecology, and stable system, that produces lots of food. At the end of January 2015 we finished our successful crowd funding project, and did our first planting weekend with friends and volunteers. Since then, we continue developing the forest on a weekly bases and also with perma-blitzs from time to time.

Volunteering With Us

We welcome volunteers from inside and outside Israel to join our community to live and work. Learning sustainable living practices, experimenting with permaculture technologies, living close to nature, working with the earth, in a constantly evolving community. Volunteers are the heart and hands of Shdemama.
Each of us brings our own fields of interest, special talents & inclinations. We’re curious what yours are! Among our projects are a food forest, building an eco-center, monthly swap markets, small agricultural plots & constant experimentation. Volunteers are also invited to join the activities meditation, yoga, sharing circles, swap markets & parties.

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How to get to Shdemama

Look for “Shdemama” on Google Maps or Waze. For public transportation directions, click here.

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