Volunteering with us

Meshek 43 is a IMBY (“in my back yard”) community in the south-center of Israel, in the moshav Shdema, which means “good soil”.

We welcome volunteers from inside and outside Israel to join our community to live and work. Learning together sustainable living practices, experimenting with permaculture technologies, living close to nature, working with the earth, in a constantly evolving community.

Volunteers are the heart and hands of our Community Sharing Space. We know that each of us brings our own fields of interest, our own special talents and inclinations, and we’re curious what yours are!

Among our projects are a food forest, building an eco-center, monthly swap markets, small agricultural plots, and constant experimentation. We use the tools of sharing and talking circles, weekly shared meditation, and constantly talk about holding a whole evening devoted to card games…


During the summery, in tents in the food forest. During the winter, there are various options


The kitchen is vegan, rich in fruits and vegetables. The kitchen has a Vitamix blender, a juicer, stoves and everthing required for cooking for big groups. Volunteers has a full access to the kitchen

Cost of living

Each person , including the permanent tenants, pays 20 shekels a day, to cover costs. There are no additinal costs.

Work days and hours

Volunteers are expected to work at least 2 days a week and help with our special events.

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